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CGG Working Papers

The Climate Geoengineering Governance Working Paper series is designed to give a first public airing to a wide range of papers broadly related to the project’s themes.  Papers published in this series may be, but are not necessarily, early outputs from the project team; equally they may be from other authors, and reflect different perspectives and different issues from those directly pursued by the project itself.  The aim is to promote vigorous and informed debate, in a spirit of pluralism.


What the working papers have in common is that they will all be at an early stage of development, prior to full publication.  Comment and response, at any level of detail, is therefore doubly welcome.  Please send all responses in the first instance to the authors themselves - each paper contains a correspondence address.  We will be looking for opportunities to use the website or other project activities to give a wider airing to any dialogues and debates that develop around a paper or issue.

CGG Working Paper no. 4.  Jun 2013.    P.-H. Wong.  The Public and Geoengineering Decision-Making: A View from Confucian Political Philosophy

This paper appears, with slight changes, in Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 17 (3). The final publication is available at: