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CGG Briefing Notes

These Briefing Notes summarise some of the key findings and recommendations of the Climate Geoengineering Governance project.  They are intended to be an introduction to the full range of project results available elsewhere on this website.  They are also available in hard copy sets within a folder - please email if you would like one or more of these.

CGG Briefing Note 1- What is geoengineering?

CGG Briefing Note 2 - Are the economics of geoengineering really incredible?

CGG Briefing Note 3 - The security implications of solar geoengineering

CGG Briefing Note 4 - How might geoengineering be regulated?

CGG Briefing Note 5 - Engaging the public with geoengineering

CGG Briefing Note 6 - What should we expect from geoengineering research?

CGG Briefing Note 7 - Is there a place for geoengineering in addressing climate change?