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Executive Summary

Rose Cairns' Background Briefing Paper for the  workshop can be found here.


Session 1 - Disciplinary Perspectives on Lock-in

Entrenchment, adaptation and disentanglement - William Walker (St Andrews) - no slide presentation

Technological Flexibility and Democracy - Mike Thompson (IIASA) - no slide presentation

Lock-in from the perspective of Innovation Theory/Transitions - Tim Foxon (Leeds)

Session 2 - Geoengineering and Lock-in

Brief Introduction to Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) and Lock-in Associated with the 'Termination Effect'- Matt Watson (Bristol)

The Slippery Slope in Climate Engineering- Stefan Shaefer (IASS-Potsdam)

Cognitive/Epistemic Lock-in and Geoengineering - Rob Bellamy (InSIS, Oxford)

Technical Thresholds and Societal Concerns: Competing Framings and their Implications for Governance - Sean Low (IASS-Potsdam)

Session 3 - Geoengineering and Lock-in continued

Intellectual Property and Geoengineering Lock-in - Jack Stilgoe (UCL)

Can We Have Our Cake and Eat It Too? - Anna Maria Hubert (IASS- Potsdam) - no slide presentation

Session 4 - Assessment Approaches

Open-ended Road-mapping: a Constructive Approach to Geoengineering Options Assessment - Douglas K. R. Robinson (Universit√© de Paris-Est)

Learning from Partial Historical Analogues- Florian Kern (SPRU)

Vision Assessment : the Interactive Action and Learning Approach - Lise Bitsch (VU Amsterdam)