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Beijing and New Delhi Workshops

As anthropogenic climate change is expected to impact particularly on the global south, and successful full-scale implementation of any climate geoengineering technology is bound to have cross-boundary effects, the CGG team has organised workshops in Beijing and New Delhi in collaboration with local hosts to learn what we can about local perspectives on climate policy and the possible contributions of geoengineering. Our Beijing workshop is on 13-14 May and that in New Delhi on 23-24 June.

These workshops will allow us to present our main findings research to date and learn more about local work; they will allow us to understand better the range of framings of climate geoengineering in each country, the salient issues of governance that arise, and any special features of the local debate;
and they will help us to formulate some of our concluding ideas about what framings of issues, and machinery of government, etc., show most promise.

A discussion of possible future research forms part of the programme for each workshop and will be echoed later in the year at our stakeholders scenarios meeting. The hope is that these exchanges might form a basis for future collaborative/comparative research on technology governance post CGG.