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CGG active at Climate Engineering Conference 2014, Berlin

Current and past members and associate fellows of the CGG research team are playing a full part in the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 (CEC14) being held in Berlin from 18-21 August 2014.

Steve Rayner is a panellist in the opening plenary session, on the Past Decade of Climate Engineering Research, as well as a Tuesday lunchtime session discussing the “Moral Hazard” that CE will unduly hinder emissions reductions and speaking in the closing day’s session Climate Emergency: Science, Framing and Politics.

Rob Bellamy and Pak-Hang Wong are convenors of and speakers in a session on Responsible Innovation and Climate Engineering. Pak-Hang Wong is also a speaker in a session Climate Engineering and Human Engineering: Social and technological Challenges in the Anthropocene.

Rob Bellamy, Rose Cairns and Nils Markusson are speaking in the session Mapping the Landscape of Climate Engineering. Rose Cairns is also speaking in the sessions Exploring the Politics of Climate Engineering and What do People Think and Feel about Climate Engineering – and How do we Know? and, together with her Sussex colleague Paul Nightingale, is contributing to the session on the Risks and Conflict Potential of Climate Engineering.

Clare Heyward is speaking in the session Intentional and Unintentional Interferences in the Climate System

Tim Kruger contributes to a session on Enhanced Mineral Weathering: Potential and Consequences, and The Ethics of Carbon Dioxide Removal